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Journal "Vestnik of North Ossetian State University" Print

Bulletin "Vestnik of North Ossetian State University"      

Founder and publisher: State educational establishment of higher professional education «North Ossetian State University»

Founded in 2007

Frequency: Quarterly

Information about the published articles is regularly submitted in the due form to the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Full text electronic version of «Vestnik of North Ossetian State University» can be accessed from the website of Scientific Electronic Library.

Copyright. All rights protected

No part of the Journal materials can be reprinted without permission from the Editors.

Registered in the International Center ISSN – ISSN 1994-7720 (Print). Every issue of the Bulletin  is sent to Russian State Library, as well as to other leading libraries, educational and research institutions of the Russian Federation.
Chairman  - Doctor of Philology, Professor, the first pro-rector for the scientific work and  development of NOSU T.T. Kambolov.

Editorial Board Head -  Doctor of History, Professor, associate member of Russian Academy of Education, President of NOSU

Editorial Board Vice-Head -  Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Ass. Professor, Head of the department of research and innovative activity management N.I.Tsidaeva.   
Chief Editor of the Journal - Ph.D. in Philology, Ass. Professor  I.B. Tolasova.

Editorial Board:

R.S.Bzarov - Doctor of History, Professor (Vladikavkaz);

S.S.Galazova - Doctor of Economics, Professor (Vladikavkaz);

S.P.Beznosov - Doctor of Psychology, Professor (Moscow);

E.P. Are hyo - Ph.D. in Psychology, Ass. Professor;

L.K. Gurieva - Doctor of Economics, Professor;

A.A. Dzarasov - Doctor of History, Professor;

KH.V. Dzutsev – Doctor of Sociology, Professor;

Z.V. Kanukova - Doctor of History, Professor;

S.N. Kesaev - Doctor of Economics, Professor;

R.E. Kesaeva - Doctor of Sociology, Professor;

B.G.Kojbaev - Doctor of Politics, Professor;

E.V. Senko - Doctor of Philology, Professor;

T.Yu. Tameryan - Doctor of Philology, Professor;

B.A. Takhokhov - Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor;

T.SH. Tinikashvili - Doctor of Economics, Professor;

R.G. Tsopanova - Doctor of Philology, Professor;

Baranov - Doctor of History, Professor (Krasnodar);

A.Yu. Belogurov - Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor (Moscow);

N.G. Dzhusoyty - Doctor of Philology, Professor, (RSO);

Kete Todd Aron -  Western Washington university (USA), Professor;

Kimball the chests of Russian - Prof. Appalachinskogo university (USA);

V.B. Kowalevski - Doctor of History, Professor (Moscow);

A.V. Ledenev - Doctor of Philology, Professor (Moscow);

V.A. Maslova - Doctor of Philology, Professor (Belorussia);

E.YU. Mirgorodskaya - Doctor of Economics, Professor (To Rostov-on- Don);

G.V. Osipov - Doctor of Sociology,  Academician (Moscow);

M.t. Savva - Doctor of Politics, Professor (Krasnodar);

G.N. Tsagolov - Doctor of Economics, Professor (Moscow);

T.M. Shamba - Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor (Moscow).

Contact informationEditorial Board’s address: 46,Vatutin str., Izdatelstvo, Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia-Alania, 362025, Russia
Phone: +7 (8672) 53-93-19
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web site: bulletin.nosu.ru
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